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Here are the traditional models offered by Borges Guitars, all built in Borges' uncompromising way -- specifically for players who, like him, are unwilling to compromise in their quest for tonal beauty and the subtle responsiveness of a traditionally based concert grade guitar.

Refer to our Options page for detailed information about custom woods, hardware, special appointments and other features.

OM Model Orchestra Model (OM)

The OM has long been the first choice amongst fingerstyle players. It is by far the most often ordered guitar from the Borges shop.

OM Cutaway

The OM Cutaway retains the OM sound and feel, yet offers more efficient access to the higher registers.

OM Cutaway
OM-45 OM-45

The OM-45 is a top-of-the-line OM with elegant appointments. It is available in two models: the OM-45 Standard, and the OM-45 DLX.

00-12 Fret

The 00-12 Fret is in all regards an ideal parlor guitar. You're sure to wonder how we get such a huge full bodied voice from such a small guitar.

00 12th-Fret Model
000 12th-Fret Model 000-12 Fret

Borges' 000-12 Fret model is a perfect fingerstyle instrument with a sound that harkens back to the model's classical past.

000-12 Koa

The Borges 000-12-Koa is a beautiful rendering of the 000-12 Fret model in exquisitely grained koa wood.

000-12-Koa Model
Hayride Model Hayride

The Hayride is an amazingly versatile guitar, based on the J-185 of the 1950's. Built with the original 24¾" scale length, it has been described as having rich fat trebles and a piano-like bass.


The Barndance sounds like a sloped shoulder D should with all of the grunt, honk and woodiness you'd expect from this classic design. It sounds like the vintage slope D's, just more so; it's a devastating guitar.

Barndance Model

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